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The school successfully held the final of the 2023 psychological talk show contest
2023-05-26 15:10  

On May 25, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center successfully held the final of the 2023 Psychological talk Show Competition on the first floor of the University Student Activity Center。Teachers from the Psychology Center and more than 300 students attended the competition。

Match from4Since its launch in October, it has received a positive response from students and student associations of all colleges。After the academy preliminary,11One entry into the school rematch, and finally7An excellent work entered the final platform, and presented a wonderful performance for everyone。In the competition, the contestants made live talk shows with humorous language, clear thinking and full spirit around the themes of life meaning, emotional regulation, self-understanding, pressure coping, love psychology, interpersonal communication, and youth appearance, sharing interesting experiences and telling colorful college life。The whole talk show has different styles and golden sentences, while the audience and judges laugh, they also think about the deep meaning contained in it。

The development of this psychological talk show competition has innovated the form of psychological education, provided students with a new way to express their inner emotions and a different perspective of correct understanding of mental health problems, enriched the campus cultural life of students, and further improved their mental health level。


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